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12" fEARful enclosures
  Illustrations show cutouts for a 3-way cab (optional HF component)
  fEARful 12/6
fEARful 12/6 cube
fEARful 12/6, 12/6 cube - general specifications
8 ohm impedance, 520 watts clear power handling,
Weight (Baltic birch) 38-45 lbs. 122dB max SPL
Tiny but mighty, the 12/6's are no slouches in the performance department! Many players looking to downsize their rigs have found the 12/6 is all the cab that's needed! Go for a very lightweight build by selecting arauco or okoume!

These come standard with an Eminence Kappalite 3012LF woofer, and an Alpha 6A midrange. Alphalite 6A is the lightweight option for a few extra $$.
The 18Sound 6NM410 mid is available, but it is only recommended if you plan on adding a 12sub or 15sub to the rig at times. This option includes the additional crossover components needed to balance the midrange output while using the cab soloed. The extra cost HF option is an ASD1001H70e waveguide w/its own crossover and L-pad. Can be switched in/out.
Customer has choice of handles, see features page.
fEARful 1212/6
fEARful 1212/6 - general specifications
4 ohm impedance, 1000 watts clear power handling. Weight (Baltic birch) 70lbs, 127dB max SPL
When asked about which fEARful model might be the "best", greenboy picked this one. In fact this is my personal rig.. For a dual-woofer cab, its still pretty compact.. it'll easily fit in the back of those little fuel-efficient cars..

Two 3012LF woofers, and the 18Sound 6NM410 midrange is standard, We put the large D-handles on this one, and tiltback handle/casters are optional.

HF option is the 18Sound XD125. Configurable with an on/off switch and/or a variable L-pad.

fEARful 12 sub, 1212sub
12 sub: 8ohms, 500 watt clear power handling,
weight (Baltic birch) 31-33 lbs.

1212sub: 4ohms, 1000 watt clear power handling,
weight (Baltic birch) 64-68 lbs.
   fEARful 12sub
fEARful 1212sub
These enclosures are sonically identical to, and have the same crossover components as their midrange-equipped cousins.
The 12sub is the perfect compliment to either the 12/6 or 12/6 cube if you need a little more SPL at the gig. One of these could also complement a couple of Crazy8's on poles for a very effective mini PA..
Please click "Features" tab for standard components for all fEARful cabs, as well as common options.

NOTE: All fEARful enclosures are identically tuned, and will sound identical to each other. The only real difference between the models are size/weight, impedances, and SPL.

Keyboard players, a 12/6/1 cube could be the ideal cab for your rig.. We can extend the port shelf in order to lower the overall cab tuning to better handle synths (at the slight expense of lower-frequency SPL's), and it is easily adaptable for pole mounts and/or tiltbacks. Inquire for details.
My 1212/6