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About Us...

My name is David Homer, and I'm a bass player, too..
For 30+ years I have been involved in a number of area bands, amongst them the Guinness Brothers, Seventh Son, Second Wind, Turnstyle, First Cause, Weesediver, and of course the legendary "Johnny Apollo".. just joined "Tripwire"

From the start I wasn't blessed with money.. There was little chance I could just walk in to the local music stores and buy what I needed.. So I had to take advantage of my mechanical aptitude, and my do-it-myself attitude..

One of my first DIY projects was one of those big ol' TL cabs for an 18"EVM.. (It was 1979, who knew better?) Muscled that guy up on the roof rack of my AMC Gremlin all by myself every gig, too.. Next project was an instrument.. An all-maple Explorer-style rock machine that served me pretty well for about 10 years (on the left in the pic below)
Band: FBI, Circa 1982, Allegan County Fairgrounds
Then one day I walked into Radio Shack, and found that book on speaker cab design. Rewrote the program in there to run on my Atari 800XL, and I was hooked..

At the time I was playing through a 2-15 Peavey box with EV Forces in it.. I soon found out why those speakers were a bad choice for that cab, and I learned to EQ that big ol' hump out .
A few years later, I started actually designing and building my own stage gear. The ensuing projects were learning experiences, and eventually I wound up gigging pretty steady with a pair of Delta 12LFA's in boxes I designed.. Those who know me know I'm pretty anal about my tone, and these did the job for several years..
The plans for Gigmaster started shaping in the summer of 2010, when my wife and I went house hunting. She fell in love with the ol' farmhouse, I was eyeballing the heated and wired shop, and dedicated office space. We moved in just before Christmas, and I opened for business the following April.

The decision to join the greenboy team was really a no-brainer.. I was looking at another well-known builder as an inspiration and example, but I came to realize it wasn't worth the hassle and ethical issues to follow that business model.. Took a long hard look at the fEARful designs, and I came to the conclusion if i want to establish a first-class business, I need to offer first-class products.. greenboy was looking for builders with a track record, I was a startup.. I convinced him to take a chance, and I am now one of six authorized builders in the US.. We're a team for the long haul!!

With the web presence and national exposure we have, I have served customers from Texas, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Wisconsin, Maryland, New York, Florida, Alaska, Washington state, Virginia, Louisiana, New Hampshire, Oregon.. even Canada and Australia! Although my humble shop will continue to be open for everyone, I'm working hard on developing the business here in Michigan. My vision is to make a significant contribution to the musical community that has been pretty good to me over the years.. (Besides, my ulterior motive is to retire every 410 and 810 cab here...)
One of the ways we intend to get the word out here in Michigan is to get involved in musician swap meets and organized get-togethers, like this recent swap meet in Grand Rapids.

We're always on the lookout for upcoming events like this, and we'll go anywhere in the state and surrounding areas to give folks a chance to audition these amazing cabs..

Also look on the links page for links to local bands who have these cabs onstage!