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News and announcements
It has been quite a while since I updated the website, there are several reasons.. The main one being updating my PC to windows 10. Made my website builder unusable. Had to buy a whole new version of the software, then edit every page.. Maybe v5 of the Gigmaster site needs to be built.. In addition, those who have known me over the years knew of my wife's passing back in January this year. Trying to get the personal life back in order has been taking much more time than I figured, and business suffered a bit. I apologize again to those who waited a little longer than expected. I will be refocusing here, and getting things more back to normal..

 As of this moment (11/28), there's a C88 in the shop for a Canadian customer, and your order could be next

There's a growing number of greenboy cabs in the wild in western MI and beyond, and I've provided links to websites and facebook pages of the bands that have'em.. Go see and hear for yourself..

  Please keep in mind I do work a full-time day job, and although its getting better, weekend OT can still be an issue.. I make small progresses on weeknights, but weekends are my real shop time.. When the real job takes the weekends away, lead times get a little longer.. Bear with me, I promise it will be worth the wait..

If you are within a reasonable drive from the Kalamazoo/BC MI area, I can arrange it for you to audition a F115, F112, or F212 live onstage..