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FEARLESS 215: the finest bass cabs on the planet.. period...
FEARLESS 215 slim
 20"wide, 47-1/2" tall
Make no mistake, the fEARful 1515/66 is arguably the most outrageous bass cab you can build or buy. That guy is all about being able to reproduce F#0 clearly at 132dB... I guess theres a few amongst us who really need that kind of performance out of their stage rig..

For the rest of us, greenboy's second generation design borders on perfection.

Utilizing the same Eminence 3015LF woofers as the 1515/66, the F215's are smaller boxes more attuned to the B string. in addition, there are refinements in midrange configuration/crossover design, making these cabs virtually plug and play..

Something to love here for upright players really needing to be heard well.. All of the FEARLESS designs have had input from leading upright players in the development stage, and as a result there is a switch on the crossover circuit which optimizes the cabinet's response for upright use.

In direct comparison to the fEARful 1515/66, the F215's shows about 1-1/2dB less output @60Hz, a bit more present in the upper bass/lower mids (200-600Hz), and a bit less present in the upper mids. The F215 wide is only slightly larger than a Dually, and will come in 25-30 pounds lighter than the 1515/66.

There are two versions available, they are tuned identically, no sonic differences, and are priced the same. the 24" wide F215 wide accommodates most of the vintage heads. The 47-1/2" tall, 20" wide F215 slim "fits" rack gear, and works well for those who need to hear themselves at ear level ..
A highly-recommended option for the F215's, your choice of tiltback handles and casters, plus skid rails
NOTE: There are no DIY plans available for the FEARLESS line. These are only available in finished form through authorized builders like us.

If you have a genuine 1515/66 cab and would like an F215 upgrade, we are authorized to make that happen. Contact us for details.
FEARLESS 215 wide, a very recent build.. Baltic birch, 85 pounds
39.5"H x 24"W x 16"D