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FEARLESS F110, F112, F115:
Sonic perfection, the ultimate in versatility
greenboy didn't rest on his laurels after the success of the fEARful line.. Using the same Eminence Kappalite LF woofers as the original fEARfuls, one of the design goals of these second-generation enclosures was to create the absolute smallest and lightest cabs still FULLY capable of delivering the B string properly, AND play well with upright..

Further refinements were made in midrange/tweeter driver selection, and most importantly crossover design. The result is a truly full-range cab with a more balanced, high-fidelity sound. Clarity is unmatched, you can hear the detail and definition of every note.. Leading upright players were also very involved in the design process, and as a result all FEARLESS crossovers have a switch which optimizes response for the big doghouse.

Make absolutely no mistake, the F110, F112, and F115 are full-function bass cabs, but they are capable of SO much more... Stick a couple on poles for effective full-range PA. Looking for the ultimate drum monitor? Sidefills? If you play through a large PA system, you could dispense with the stage rig.. All you would need is a preamp that sends the signal to the board, and a dedicated monitor channel.. Run a backline business? Monitors that will stand up to the performance of much more expensive gear.. Stand it up on end, it'll function just like a standard bass rig

Arguably the most versatile bass cabs you can get anywhere.... only available in completed form through Gigmaster, and greenboys AB's
gigmaster_soundworks_v4006011.jpg gigmaster_soundworks_v4006010.jpg
LEFT: Jeff Berlin jams through greenboy's personal F115
RIGHT: Kzoo native and bass celebrity Bill Clements wrings out an F112

Click the pics for you tube video..
Size comparison between fEARful 12/6/1 (L)


Our F112 demo

Okoume, routed handle, full metal grill, APT80 tweeter
33 pounds!!!

Paired up with that Ampeg PF500, this little guy was dropping jaws at the 2013 GR swap meet!!
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FEARLESS F112 - 20" x 16" x 16", 8ohms
This was the first of the single-woofer FEARLESS designs to be released, and the prototype was an instant hit in the field.. Huge B-string, and the sound was full and detailed. Bass wasn't in the PA, and it filled a good sized club in floor monitor mode..

In the August 2014 issue of Bass Player magazine, Ed Friedland reviewed his F112 built by Greenboy Audio.. I can't get you their grill, but I can otherwise build you an identical cab..
 FEARLESS F110 - 18" x 13.75" x 15", 8 ohms
Here is one of the first successful designs using the brand-new Eminence 3010LF woofer. Prototype reviews claim this little guy is just as sonically potent as the F112.. This is arguably the smallest cabinet available that does not compromise a B string.

Ideal coffeehouse rig for either electric or upright, yet can handle the power to cover much larger gigs..

Put a couple of these on poles, you'd have a VERY portable full-range PA..
FEARLESS F115 - 26" x 20" x 16.75", 8 ohms
Since this was released late 2012, the F115 is quickly becoming the cab of choice for a lot of working musicians. BNA Audio, the Nashville AB, calls the F115 "the best bang for the buck in the entire greenboy designs line"

The 3015LF allows a "larger" low end, while still delivering the exceptional detail and tonal balance these new cabs are becoming known for
F110S (woofer-only sub) also available. Same dimensions, but no wedge.. designed to complement/stack with F110
you tube video: one of my F112's vs. a GK 15" neo..