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Crazy 8 - Crazy 88 - Designed for upright bass, suitable for just about everything...
If upright bass is in your repertoire, you owe it to yourself to give these cabs a long close look-see... These designs were a collaboration between greenboy and noted Chicagoland doubler Mike Arnopol. The goal was to develop the smallest, lightest, best performing stage system for upright bass.
Prototype testing revealed these tiny cabs can do a whole lot more..
Here's one of our recent builds..

The C8 on top is the 3/8" ply rear-ported version, done in Baltic birch. Has optional foldup tiltbacks, pole mount, and edge mounted handle.
18 pounds

(An okoume build would be lighter yet!)

This was ordered with its "matching" C88. Also done in Baltic birch, it also sports a pole mount and edge-mounted handle. 35 pounds.

Baffles were done in "desert bisque" texture coat
General specifications:
Crazy8: 10.5"w x 13.25"h x 12"d, 8 ohms, 200 watts.
Weight (arauco) 14-17lbs.

Crazy88: 10.5"w x 21.5"h x 13 5/8/"d, 4 ohms, 400 watts
Weight (arauco) 25-30 lbs.
The Crazy8 features a high-excursion Faital Pro woofer paired with an Eminence supertweeter. The greenboy-designed crossover features a padding switch on the tweeter which helps maintain sonic balance when adding a second "sub" (tweeterless) C8.. An L-pad is also a recommended option. These can be ordered with fold-up tiltback legs, pole/M20 mounts, full metal or circular grills, and several handle options.. most at no extra cost. All wood options available for the 1/2" version, arauco standard..

There is a "special" rear-ported C8 available designed around 3/8" Baltic birch anything lighter wouldn't be wood...

Need a little more SPL than a C8, and still want a one-cab carry? the Crazy88 just might be your solution. Prototypes have also found favor with electric bassists who demand minimal size and weight.

The C88 has been compared favorably to many commercial 2-10 bass cabs. Much more musical, not lacking for SPL, and most importantly, smaller and lighter... The C88 can also be pole mounted for a very effective full-range small gig PA, or combined with a fEARful 15sub (w/proper electronic xovers) for larger scale PA work
We built two of these for a customer in Texas who uses them with a 5-string solidbody in low-volume gigs..

very happy with the way these work for him..
Click the icon < for a series of user reviews for the C8
gigmaster_soundworks_v4008002.jpg gigmaster_soundworks_v4008001.jpg
The C8's/88's benefit greatly from the use of a high quality highpass filter in the signal chain.

We strongly recommend the fdeck HPF-3

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There are no DIY plans or partial builds available for C8/88. only available in completed form from authorized builders such as us..
Check order page for 2-cab discounts