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Dually/Bassic: Modern versions of classic cabs...
For those players who prefer the full-range sound of 15's, the Dually brings the classic 2-15 into the 21st century. The Bassic is the single-driver alternative.

These are smaller, lighter, and a huge sonic upgrade from than the 70's-80's "standards".. largely due to modern neodymium drivers, and well-braced 1/2" premium plywood construction.

Both cabs are dimensioned to accomodate "classic" tube and SS bass heads, and can be built with either metal or cloth grills.. Make it look as vintage or modern as you want!

Although these cabs won't match fEARful/FEARLESS in terms of LF extension and/or HF dispersion, they do play well with B strings, and they will noticeably outperform what you might be used to..
Some of our Dually/Bassic builds..

FAR LEFT: 3015 loaded, okoume, tiltback casters and skid rails, 58 lbs

LEFT: Faital-loaded, okoume, routed handles
(this thing sounded just gorgeous!!)
55 lbs

RIGHT: 3015 loaded Bassic, okoume, steel handles/grill, 33 pounds
Got an old heavy combo amp? The Bassic can be readily adapted to create a lighter and better sounding combo.

This is my demo built in arauco. It has an 80's vintage Peavey TKO power head, and the 4 ohm Faital woofer.

A lot of old school cool at 41 pounds.. the old Peavey shell alone was 45!!

A rehearsal room solution!!
The neat thing about Dually/Bassic? You can get them to sound your way. There are two driver options available.

The Eminence Kappalite 3015 (non-LF) brings a tight, punchy sound with an aggressive upper midrange. The Faital Pro 15PR400 is a much smoother driver that goes a bit higher.. If you like vintage JBL, you'll love the Faital.. After playing both, seeing I'm an R&B kinda guy, I think the Faital is perfect vintage.. the 3015's are definitely rockish..

in addition the Faitals are available in a 4 ohm version as well. Makes a Bassic an easier choice for some, and if you happen to have one of those old 2 ohm stable Peavey heads, a nice Dually match..
Bassic 12 and Bassic 12UUU
Developed for upright, but if you're an electric player who demands small size and light weight over everything else, this may be a consideration..

"UUU" means "Ultimate Ultralight Upright". Pictured at right, this is loaded with a full-range Faital Pro woofer in an incredibly compact, rear-ported enclosure.

The same box/form factor lends itself to another driver option. If a little more power handling and SPL is desired, order the Eminence Kappalite 3012HO. This version comes with a switch to help tame that HO high end which can be a bit harsh.

An optional APT80 tweeter can also be incorporated into either box..

Comparatively speaking, this design does not have the low-end extension, or the midrange dispersion of fEARful/FEARLESS. This is geared towards upright players, or guys playing P's w/flats in coffeehouses..

F112 is a lot more performance in just a slightly larger box..
Please keep in mind there are no DIY plans or partial builds available for Dually/Bassic. These can only be purchased in finished form from authorized builders!!
Ask about Dually "T".. Faitals w/a tweeter..