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fEARful 15" enclosures
greenboy introduced fEARful several years back as DIY construction plans, and they are still accessible on greenboys' website. . Click the greenboy icon to the left to access them.
Of course, we will be more than happy to build any fEARful cab to any level of completion (sorry, no flat packs). this ONLY applies to the original fEARful line!
Illustrations show optional HF component
fEARful 15/6
30.5" H x 20.5" W x 16" D
8 ohms, 750 watts
126dB max SPL

Weight (Baltic birch)
52-56 lbs
fEARful 15tube
26" H x 24" W x 16" D
8 ohms, 750 watts
126dB max SPL

Weight (Baltic birch)
52-56 lbs
fEARful 15sub
24" H x 20.5" W x 19.5" D
8 ohms, 750 watts
126dB max SPL

Weight (Baltic birch)
48-52 lbs
fEARful 1515/66
48" H x 23.75" W x 16.75" D
4 ohms, 1500 watts
132 dB max SPL

Weight (Baltic birch)
100 lbs
The 15/6 has been the most popular enclosure in the fEARful line.. Every day, more 4-10's lose their jobs to these cabs, and for good reason... smaller, lighter, and sonically superior..

The 15tube is sonically identical to the 15/6, its just dimensioned to be a better parking place for large tube/vintage amplifier heads. Due to popular demand, a recent revision has allowed the use of an Eminence APT80 supertweeter for the 15tube's HF option.

Standard drivers for both cabs are the Eminence Kappalite 3015LF, and the 18Sound 6NM410 midrange. 15/6 HF options include the ASD1001/H70e driver/lens, or the 18Sound XD125 (recommended).

If you specify okoume ply and routed handles, these cabs come in UNDER 50 POUNDS.. A far cry from that ol' 410

If you combine the fEARful 15sub to either cab, you'll be ready to do that reggae gig.. Sonically identical to the low end of the 15/6 - 15tube, and share the same low-pass crossover components. Uniquely dimensioned to stack with either 15/6 or 15tube..

A 15sub with the proper electronic crossover could also be utilized in PA..

The fEARful 1515/66 is the most outrageous bass cab ever designed...
Ultimate rig of doom, Marshall eater, Armageddon in a box, sonic wrecking ball.. its been described as that and more...

Also comes in handy as a housecleaning assistant. Will shake the dust out of every hiding place, and blow items like empty pop bottles across the floor.. All kidding aside, this is smaller and lighter than the typical 810, and devours it for lunch.. Louder, lower, and with superior midrange/HF dispersion characteristics

Rated for 1500 watts, the 1515/66 will get insanely loud with a lot less power.. If you have to compete with two full Marshall stacks, this will shout 'em down.. Compared to the newer FEARLESS 215, the '66 will extend lower (F#0 is not an issue!) and will be more aggressive in the mids.. It answers the most asked question on talkbass.."what's the best cab for metal?" If for some reason you get asked to tour with the WHO, better order up 2 of these..

The 1515/66 is equipped with two Kappalite 3015LF's, and a pair of 18Sound 6NM410 midranges. The HF option is a Pyle Pro PH612 waveguide mated with an 18Sound XD125 driver
A highly-recommended 1515/66 option is tiltback handle/casters.
skid rails available as well
Mix n' match, your choice..
Some of our 15" fEARful builds.
Alternative 3-way crossovers for 15/6-15/6 tube and 1515/66/1 are available as an extra-cost option.. Smooths out the mid-hi response and helps keep the midranges from going into breakup mode..