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fEARful 18sub, and custom cabinets
High power handling, minimal footprint, major kick...
Ideal for DJ's and high-end PA which requires minimal size and pack space.

Based on the Eminence Kilomax driver the single cab will handle well over 1000 watts of power.. double that for the 2-18 version.. This design is actually tunable by extending the depth of the enclosure. Truly a custom build, give us your LF response requirements, and we can make it happen.. Very easy to put a pole mount on top of the single cab (run sub off one side of the stage, a common acoustic engineering error is to run subs split on either end of the stage..) The dual cab is ideal for center-stage location (under the drum riser or in front of the vocal monitors)

As with all non-fEARful greenboy designs, this is an authorized builder exclusive, no DIY plans available.
Gigmaster custom enclosures
Although we are first and foremost greenboy designs builders, we do offer full computer-aided design/modeling capabilities. In addition, if you purchased DIY plans from another source, or have your own design, we can accomodate.

There are some limitations to what we are willing to do on a custom basis:

(1) We won't build "inferior" cabs (i.e. 4x10's, 8x10's), anything that could be better served by a greenboy designs cab.

(2) We will not substitute components or change dimensions on any greenboy designs cab, unless the changes are approved by the designer. greenboy designs cabs are painstakingly engineered for unparalleled performance, and any changes to dimensions or components will NOT be an improvement. We are authorized builders for a very good reason!

(3) We will try to work with customer-supplied drivers, but keep in mind our goal is superior performance. There are no guarantees we can make something work.. We'll run the programs, do the modeling.. If the results of modeling indicate substandard performance, we don't want you spending good money on something that will disappoint..

(4) We will be happy to explore more cost-efficient options, but always in respect to rules 1 and 2 above.

(5) Musical instrument/pro sound applications only, please don't ask about car/home stereo..
Custom open-back guitar enclosure made in okoume.

Eminence "Lil Texas" driver, 14 pounds.

Replaced a much heavier 2-12

Natural finish is an extra-cost option on all builds..
The very first build!!
custom 2-10 bass wedge designed around the Beyma 10G40/10MWND drivers.

500 watt excursion-limited power handling, and that includes the B string..