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Standard features and common options for all builds
Construction and finishes:
Unless otherwise specified, all Gigmaster builds come standard in well-braced 1/2" Baltic birch plywood. Posted weights reflect this, unless otherwise specified. Two lighter weight plywood options are available:
Arauco: Although very suitable for pro speaker construction, Arauco is a bit softer, a bit more susceptible to "road rash". Roughly 20% lighter than Baltic birch, no change in price. Availability is hit or miss, so inquire before ordering.
Okoume: This is a void-free, marine-grade plywood. Hardness/strength comparable to Baltic birch, but expect a 25-35% reduction in weight. VERY pricey piece of board, however.. Add $100 for most builds, $250 for 1515/66 and FEARLESS 215's. A bit of a break for C8's see order page.

Sorry, we are NOT set up for composite/fiberglass construction..

We use an expanding polyurethane adhesive. Joints are stronger than the wood itself, and insures an airtight box.
Standard finish is black Duratex roller grade, two coats. Has the appearance of tolex, and is easily touched up.
Colored Duratex is available as an $85 extra cost option, and will likely cause delay in delivery. Will require selection of a Sherwin-Williams SR6000 series chip.
Natural finishes are available, and will incur a minimum $200 upcharge due to additional time and care required for construction.
We use spray Rustoleum to finish ports and baffles, and any standard color, texture, or "American Accents" can be had at no additional charge. Semi-gloss and satin blacks, and "stone" finishes do not work well at all, so we try to avoid those..
Cabinet hardware, grills, and damping
Your choice of protective corners, Metal requires a 1/2" radius on the cab edges.

Two sizes of plastic corners available, requires a 1/4" radius on the cab edges
gigmaster_soundworks_v4013011.jpg gigmaster_soundworks_v4013010.jpg
Weight-saving option for all builds, you can have handles routed into your cab. Compared to the large "D" handles, it saves about a pound and a half of weight/handle. Especially effective with the okoume ply option. A bit labor-intensive, so there's a nominal charge..
Your choice of jackplates.. Pictured is the "standard" setup, which is built with two paralleled Speakon connectors. A locking 1/4" jack can be substituted for one or both connectors (lower left)

A larger jackplate is available that will accomodate the tweeter L-pad.

Placements of jackplates, switches, and L-pads can be specifically specified
Recommended option for 1515/66, F215, Dually. Your choice of tiltback casters, and one or two handles that fit on the upper rear.. Can also be used on F212

Low-friction plastic skid rails also available
LEFT: Folding tiltback option, recommended for C8/88, F210

RIGHT: Edge mounted handle, popular with C8/88, Bassic 12, can be added to any build
Two styles of strap handles available, one on the left is a leather-like material, on the right a very common handle.. Standard on C8 and port side of F215, can be substituted/added to any build
Full metal grills are standard with all builds. You have the choice of any pattern Reliable Hardware carries in their custom metal grill collection. We recommend 60% or better open area. The icon to the left is a link to the site.. A diamond-pattern aluminum grill can be made available at a nominal extra charge. Not as strong as the steel grills,
requires a little more support off the baffle, but it is considerably lighter.. You also have the option of circular metal grills in a square or round hole pattern. We can do cloth grills on Dually, Bassic, FEARLESS 215/212 (other cabs may not very well accomodate the grill frame required). Due to added labor, cloth grills will be extra cost, see order page.
We use a recycled denim insulation for cabinet damping material. None of the fiberglass issues, and sonically works very well. We do offer an alternative material, a rigid polyester batting called Nu-Foam as an extra cost option. If weight reduction is important, the Nu-Foam is lighter..
The greenboy "CBG" crossovers are standard with all fEARful orders. An alternative enhanced crossover option is available for most fEARful cabs at extra charge. Of course all FEARLESS crossovers are built to spec..

All crossovers are built on 1/4" boards, and are shock-mounted to standoffs that are bolted securely to the cabinet side. This allows damping material to be utilized in all areas of the cab..

We build crossovers so that these are NOT the weak link to performance.. Connectors on every component on the boards are securely soldered, all external connections are lock-nutted. Padding resistors are heat-sinked and shock-mounted if necessary, all caps and coils are set in silicone and securely attached to the board. We have also recently procured a mil-spec wire crimping tool, in order to insure the internal wiring will hold up as well as the circuit boards..
This isn't meant in any way to limit what can be had as options.. Many of these cabs can be built with a rackspace airhead, or as a combo. If you have something in mind that you don't see here, ask!! We just might be able to pull it off... (As long as we're not modifying greenboy's designs..)

If you order the 3-way HF option, this comes with its own crossover circuit.. you can opt for a variable L-pad for this circuit, an on/off switch, neither, or both..

In addition we break in woofers with a low-level low-frequency sinewave overnight. This insures your cab is ready for peak performance as soon as you take delivery..
We are always looking for ways to improve how we do things, and we have started to take a longer look at how we build and wire the crossover networks. We have found that by paying special attention to wire routing and connector placement, we can eliminate the source of buzzing that has occurred on a couple of our builds. All new construction will incorporate those changes..