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this is almost required reading for anyone considering building/ordering greenboy designs' cabs. LEFT: link to greenboy. us,
BELOW: link to the greenboy web forum..
Highly suggested you join!!
Always looking for facebook pages of interest to Michigan musicians.. Have a link? Contact us!!
Would love to post links to band websites here in MI, in particular bands who play greenboy cabs onstage!! This way guys can come hear 'em in action!!

We're also supporters of local small businesses who serve the local/regional music scene. If you have a website, lets share links!!
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Not local in scope, but still
essential links..
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Ann Arbor based band, both upright and 5-string basses are running through a FEARLESS 112 powered with a GK 1001RB head.
Gig schedules on website, link is on the picture<<
The Decades band from Grand Rapids has a fEARful 15/6/1 (true 3-way) on its stage,
click the pic for the website
"Comments of Aether" is a group based north of Grand Rapids, and "Doc" recently got an F115 to run his Moog Taurus pedals, the doubleneck 12-string/bass pictured, and some other things. you really want to know how the FEARLESS series performs, catch these guys..

Link is to FB page
Here is a local business I'm really excited about.
Kurt with Sola Gratia Custom Bass Guitars has been building up some works of art over the past few years.
Recently he brought the 5-string in the foreground out for me to try.. Not only is the woodwork impeccable, the instrument is pretty spot-on as well.
He's really just starting out, and he's deserving of some attention.. Can see both of us at the Kalamazoo Fretboard Festival.. play one through an F112..
rePOP! is an up and coming band in the Grand Rapids area, and Bryan has just become the proud owner of a F115.

Link is to the website.
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River City Stew
Domestic Problems
Soul Syndicate
These three bands in the Grand Rapids area have a common denominator. Matthew on bass with his brand new F115. All it took was for me to bring mine up to the Score one evening for him to try out. A very skillful player, he can really bring out what the F115 can deliver..