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Hopefully we have enough room on these 4 pages to post pictures of everything we've done so far.. Would also like to post pictures of our cabs "on the job", we'll match 'em up with the pics we took here..
This is our FEARLESS 112 demo on display at the Grand Rapids swap meet.

Sitting on top of it is one of those Ampeg PF-500's

The combination is nothing short of amazing..
Our first Dually
3015's okoume, tiltback casters

59 pounds

Went to the Houston, TX
We created a monster.. This fEARful 1515/66/1 is in the Grand Rapids area..

Baltic birch w/tiltbacks/skid rails,
105 lbs
These two Crazy8's share a ride in Texas..
The owner plays 5 string solidbody in coffeehouses.. He's very happy with 'em...
Okoume fEARful 15/6/1, Routed handles, 47 pounds!

Also has a top strap handle, and the midrange pad is switchable in/out.

RIGHT: On stage
in Illinois..
Custom natural-finish open-back guitar cab in okoume. Eminence "Lil Texas" driver, 14 pounds..
Replaced a much heavier 2-12.. Grand Rapids area
gigmaster_soundworks_v4015008.jpg gigmaster_soundworks_v4015007.jpg gigmaster_soundworks_v4015006.jpg gigmaster_soundworks_v4015005.jpg gigmaster_soundworks_v4015004.jpg gigmaster_soundworks_v4015003.jpg
<<< This Crazy8 went all the way to Australia!!!
The right way to repurpose an 80's vintage Peavey combo.. build a Faital-loaded Bassic around it